Safety Measures

The key changes we’ve made are as follows:

  • All intros are pre-recorded and played over a video screen before your game. Only essential health and safety procedures will be explained for each venue.
  • We have a Disinfectant Fogger Machine which emits a mist that kills germs and bacteria.
  • All props will be wiped with anti bacterial wipes for extra safety.
  • Teams should be from the same household, social bubble or workgroup as it is not possible to physically distance yourselves from your teammates within the game rooms.
  • All players will be temperature tested on arrival and asked to sanitise their hands prior to the game and on leaving the rooms.
  • Any personal information you may be required to give us under Government regulations or requirements for Coronavirus track and trace purposes will not be used for any other purpose. We will keep and use that information strictly in accordance with Government guidelines.

Cancellation Rules: If you or any member of your team is displaying any covid symptoms you must not come in. But we will reschedule your game so that you don’t lose out. Even with very short notice.

This does, however, work both ways and if any of our staff are experiencing any covid symptoms then they too will be instructed not to come in. We will always do what we can to find cover but in the unlikely event that we cannot we may have no choice but to postpone your game at short notice.